Bold Bathing

One might be forgiven for thinking that the “Exhibitionists Bathtub” to give sailors a surprise might be the one within the Object Exchange (an ongoing joke) but a day does not go by when a member of the public can’t be heard exclaiming their shock – sometimes pleasure.. at the audacity of the very public facing bath in the corner of Pod 1. However, a luxurious soak really can be enjoyed by guests in the free-standing, double-ended bath of bubbly dreams perched atop the highest point of East Quay.

Josie Long describes Short Cuts on Radio 4 as “really just being a program all about wild swimming” and similarly PEARCE+Fægen are a practice who really just celebrate bathing! After all, it is when washing that you are at your most exposed. Ablutions are an opportunity to identify one’s vulnerabilities, practice self-care and take time to feel good – this is exactly the emphasis in here.

The solid ash used in the kitchen and bed was felled by Owen & George some years ago from a tree suffering from ash dieback on George’s farm – left over from the architecture festival they run – and mixed with the black and gold details embellishes the luxurious nature of the space.

Photo © Jesse Wild