Five “quirky” sleeping pods top Watchet’s East Quay arts centre

Tom Ravenscroft, August 2022

UK studios Pearce+ and Fægen have designed the interiors of five sleeping pods that stand on top of the Invisible Studio-designed arts centre on the dockside in Watchet, UK.

Watchet adds local flavour with East Quay community space

Eleanor Young, RIBA J, January 2022 & in print

“…what is missing in detail design in much of the building is being brought to life in a spectacularly fun way by PEARCE+Fægen, a group of two young architects and an artist who moved down to Watchet to do the interiors.”

Rooms for improvement: new pods pep up an unsung Somerset coastal town

Sally Howard, Guardian December 2021 & in print

….The five pods (which sleep between two and four) are multi-level metal boxes inspired by Watchet’s industrial and maritime history with, as Jess puts it, “a bit of graffiti and steampunk thrown in”. Each pod is individually themed – Playful Architecture, for example, has adaptive furniture … and a cargo net to kip in, and Industrial Heritage features a ship’s ladder and a bespoke iron bathtub with a view. The pods are tucked between artists’ studios, to encourage visitors to pop in for a cuppa and check out the artists’ collaborative productions…..

East Quay arts centre in Watchet takes cues from ad-hoc harbour buildings

Amy Frearson, Dezeen, October 2021

‘It began with cider’: how a group of young parents transformed a Somerset harbour

Olly Wainwright, Guardian October 2021 & in print

….young practice PEARCE+Fægen designed the “anti-classroom” education space and the inventive accommodation pods. Working with local school groups, they have concocted a playful learning landscape, with a multilevelled platform structure that allows kids to work in, on and under a stepped frame, or balance on a range of inflatable fabric balls that hang from the wall. It’s a suitably experimental setting for everything from after-school clubs to elderly dementia groups.