Stories & Imagination

A cathedral-like space with huge volumetric proportions; the etched narrative that covers the interior walls of the Family Pod at East Quay has been woven from our experience in Watchet hearing local myths, legends and folkore. The exploration of this map encourages visitors’ imaginations, much like the Mappa Mundi in Hereford inspired J K Rowling to write about dragons (in the Quantocks; here be Gurt Wurm).

Some of these stories are well documented, such as the mysterious story of Lady Wyndham’s fingers being lopped off as she laid in rest, as well as the rather more embellished descriptions of recent activities such as the legendary appearance of bathtub ace Baron Von Richtofen within the outer harbour.

It feels all-too-often that grabrails and accessibility elements are shoehorned into architecture in order to comply with regulations, however the space celebrates inclusivity. Inspired by the primary colours seen upon the safety equipment at the paper mill – another element featuring upon the etched walls – the wetroom walls are a veritable gymnasium of brightly painted tubes serving both as supports and decoration.

Within the space, a visitors imagination book is left behind for residents to document their thoughts, stories and poems for future guests.